Going Beyond Accounting

Because we are dedicated to serving our clients in every way possible, we have also expanded beyond accounting and into another essential back-office function– Human Resources. At Cloud Accountancy & Tax Solutions, we believe that the strength of your company is largely affected by the strength of your workforce, so we will support you by providing a comprehensive range of HR services while giving you the flexibility that you’ve always wanted.

We Get The Right People in Place

Recruitment can be a time-consuming and laborious process, but we are here to assist you in hiring the right talent for your open job positions. Aside from recruitment tasks, we can also take over the necessary paperwork, such as the preparation of your employment contracts, and policy handbook. Basically, we will ease the burden of onboarding new employees.

Managing HR-Related Issues The Easy Way

We know you are busy growing your business, and handling HR-related issues should be the least of your worries. By helping you manage administrative tasks such as sick leaves, disciplinary actions, grievances or mediation, and redundancy, you will be able to concentrate on what you do best. Furthermore, we can support you in training your staff and can provide on-demand employment law advice.

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